About EASEE-gas

About EASEE-gas

EASEE-gas is a not-for-profit association registered in France (Law of 1901 Registration) and managed in Brussels, Belgium. The association's main purpose is to develop and promote common business practices (CBPs) to simplify and streamline the business processes between all the gas industry players, leading to a more efficient and effective European gas market.

The creation of EASEE-gas was fully supported by the European Commission as well as the different national and European Regulators through what is known as the Madrid Forum. It was prompted by the success of the Gas Industry Standards Board (GISB) in the United States and has been modeled on it. Nowadays, the GISB also represents the power industry and is known as the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB).

In addition to publishing CBPs, EASEE-gas is also a provider of trusted digital security certificates for electronic communication in the gas business. EASEE-gas believes that using one single brand of certificates brings additional efficiency and reduces the costs in the operational environment (read more about EASEE-gas security certificates here).  
EASEE-gas Membership: 
  • Full Members: any company involved in the European gas industry, from producers to end users, as well as to companies acting as their own service providers. Membership is divided into eight Gas Industry Segments (Producers; Transporters; Distribution Network Operators; Traders & Shippers; Suppliers; Retailers; LNG Terminal and Storage Operator and Service Provider; and End Users). Companies can join one or more of the eight Gas Industry Segments depending on their role in the gas chain. The annual membership fee is currently of €5,200 for each industry segment joined.
  • Consultant Members: companies active in the gas business, but without having an EIC code, who provide services (e.g. IT and other) to companies in other gas industry segments. Consultant members do not have any voting rights. They can take part in Working Groups and attend the GMoM or any other event organised by EASEE-gas. A reference by at least one existing EASEE-gas full member must be provided together with the application form. The annual membership fee is currently of €500.
  • Associate Members: other trade associations, government agencies, regulators, consumer groups and for individuals that wish to contribute to the work of the association. These can join as Associate Members. Associate Members have no voting rights and do not pay annual fees. 
Download here detailed information about the representation of EASEE-gas in Europe or check the full list of members here. For more information about EASEE-gas governance and operation rules, please download EASEE-gas Articles of Association and EASEE-gas Rules
For more information about EASEE-gas activities, download the EASEE-gas presentation.
EASEE-gas Organisation Chart  
The main bulk of the work of the association is carried out by four Working Groups and two Task Forces (see chart). These provide a structured platform whereby industry participants can discuss the harmonisation and simplification of business processes by developing Common Business Practices (CBPs).
Contrary to the Working Groups, the Task Forces have a limited life duration. Two Task Forces exist currently. The TFRM is in charge of the finalisation of the Gas Role Model document and the TFHBET is the most recent task force focussing on Hydrogen, Biogas and Energy Transition.

In addition, EASEE-gas also set up an Advisory Panel drawn from its Associate Members. The role of the Advisory Panel is to advise the Board and the Executive Committee on their areas of work and on the effectiveness of EASEE-gas in assisting the development of an efficient and effective European gas market.

EASEE-gas welcomes the participation of new industry players. The association can only be successful if it is well represented by members across the whole gas value chain. Should you be interested in joining the association, please contact the Secretariat in Brussels or fill-in the membership application form here