Advisory Panel

EASEE-gas Advisory Panel

Established in December 2004, the role of the Advisory Panel was to advise the Board on areas of work and additional activities that EASEE-gas could develop. With time the group evolved to become a platform for coordination and exchange of information between the major gas-related trade associations and organisations. The group meets twice a year, the morning before the start of the Madrid Forum. 
At the moment, the EASEE-gas Advisory Panel is made of: 
  • Michael Sostmann, Open Grid Europe (EASEE-gas Board Chair)
  • Luis Ignacio Parada, Enagas (EASEE-gas Board Member)
  • Doug Wood, EFET
  • Kees Bouwens, IOGP
  • Sue Harrison, BEIS
  • Nicolas Jensen, Eurogas
  • Dirk Jan Meuzelaar, USG
  • Jochen Wagner, IFIEC
  • Markus Krug, E-Control
  • Hiltrud Schuelken, CEN TC 234 Secretariat
  • Martin Winkeler, CEN TC 234 Chair 
  • Cyril Harry, Eurelectric
  • Annette Jantzen, Eugine 
  • Sonia Clarena Baron, EUTurbines
  • Boyana Achovski, GIE
  • Manuel Coxe, Marcogaz
  • Hendrik Pollex, ENTSOG
  • Constantine Levoyannis, Hydrogen Europe
  • Harmen Dekker, European Biogas Association