EASEE-gas Board is the main authority of the Association. It consists of up to 8 individuals, each one of them representing a different Gas Industry Segment.
Currently, there are 5 Board members, representing the Gas Industry Segments that are active at the moment (in order to be considered active, the Gas Industry Segment needs to have at least 4 full members).  
Chair of EASEE-gas Board, representing the LTSOSP segment

Rudy Van Beurden, Fluxys LNG

Board Member, representing the Suppliers segment

Bart Cornelis, Eni

Chair of the Executive Committee representing the Trader/Shipper segment

Peter Meeuwis, GasTerra

Vice-Chair of EASEE-gas Board, representing the Producers segment

Trygve Stensland, Equinor

Treasurer of EASEE-gas Board, representing the Transporter segment

Guillaume Vens, GRTgaz

Board Member, representing the End Users segment

Anita Nyvold, Yara International