Executive Comittee

Executive Committee

EASEE-gas Executive Committee (ExCom) has the overall responsibility for the development, modification and documentation of the CBPs, and for the co-ordination of the Working Groups. It consists of up to 24 members, with each active Gas Industry Segment electing three members.

Here is the current list of Executive Committee members:
  • Jeroen Zanting, Gasunie (Transporter) - Chair of the ExCom
  • Alexey Krugovets, GazProm Export (Trader & Shipper)
  • Ana Teixeira Pinto, EDP (Trader/shipper)
  • Bart Cornelis, Eni (Supplier)
  • Tania Meixus Fernandez, Enagás (LTSOSP)
  • Michael Sostmann, Open Grid Europe (Transporter)
  • Michel Van den Brande, Fluxys (Transporter)
  • Dirk-Jan Meuzelaar, USG (End User)
  • Jochen Wagner, BASF SE (End-User)
  • Jorge Urbano, Naturgy (Supplier)