Gas Role Model

In May 2018, the EASEE-gas Role Model Taskforce, consisting of members of the Business Process Working Group, the Edigas Working Group and members of ENTSOG and of Eurogas finalised the Harmonised Gas Role Model Specification document. The  TF has been working on the document since 2015 and a first version was published in December 2016, which was then updated in December 2017, see related press release here. The document, written from a business process perspective, identifies and defines the different roles carried out within the gas market. Its main focus is on information exchange between market participants (excluding legal matters) and provides a common terminology for the roles that are used among most European countries.

Harmonised Gas Role Model Document versions:

Harmonised Gas Role Model CBP 

The Harmonised Gas Role Model document is a living document and will be updated again in the future if need be. It has been transposed into a CBP (Common Business Practice): CBP 2018-001/01 Harmonised Gas Role Model - Business Process perspective