Gas Role Model

A common terminology for the roles used in the gas sector in Europe

Facilitating the dialogue between gas market participants in Europe

The Harmonised Gas Role Model provides a common terminology for the roles that are ‎used in the gas sector in Europe with the aim being to facilitate the dialogue between ‎market participants from different European countries.‎

The generic roles were selected based on existing descriptions of business processes in ‎the European gas market. European regulations and common aspects of national ‎regulations were also considered. ‎

The document focuses on the information exchange between the different market ‎participants in the gas industry. However, the document does not consider legal matters ‎such as contractual relations.‎

The Gas Role Model was developed by EASEE-gas in cooperation with other ‎associations and is a living document. Any evolution or change in the described ‎processes could lead to an update of the Role Model. ‎

Status report on the alignment of the Harmonised Gas Role Model (HGRM) and the Harmonised Electricity Market Role Model (HERM) 

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Harmonised Gas Role Model Common Business Practice 

The Harmonised Gas Role Model document was transposed into a CBP (Common Business Practice): CBP 2018-001/01 Harmonised Gas Role Model - Business Process perspective