How to join EASEE-gas

EASEE-gas membership is open to companies and organisations involved in the European gas business

  • Full membership is open to a companies, subsidiaries or divisions with separate accounts. Full members can join one or more of the eight Gas Industry Segments depending on where they operate in the gas chain. The annual membership fee is currently of EUR 5,200 for each industry segment joined.
  • Consultant membership is open to companies active in the gas business, but without having an EIC code, who provide services (e.g. IT and other) to companies in other gas industry segments. Consultant members do not have any voting rights. A reference by at least one existing EASEE-gas full member must be provided together with the application form. The annual membership fee is currently of EUR 500.
  • Associate membership is open to government agencies, regulators, trade associations, consumer groups and to individuals that wish to contribute to the work of the association. Associate members do not pay annual fees and do not have voting rights.
The association can only be successful if it is well represented by members across the whole of the industry. A large number of companies and associations that appreciate the benefits that EASEE-gas can bring to the gas industry are already members.
If you are interested in joining the association, please complete the application form here or contact the secretariat in Brussels for more information about the membership conditions. 
For more information on our activities, download the EASEE-gas presentation.