Membership Segments

Full Members
Entities that explore and/or produce hydrocarbon resources (natural gas and/or oil) and arrange for the delivery and/or processing of natural gas to the point of sale to purchasers' points of sale.

Companies that operate high-pressure transmission systems and/or pipelines, including transit pipelines. Transporters may supply power stations and large industrial consumers.

Distribution Network Operators (DNO)
Companies that operate the lower pressure distribution grids that take the natural gas from the high pressure transmission systems to domestic and/or small commercial end users.

Traders & Shippers
Companies that buy and sell natural gas on a wholesale basis, dealing with parties that are not the end consumers, and/or that arrange to transport natural gas to deliver to Suppliers at a supply point on the Transporter's system.

Companies that provide marketing and billing services and form a link between the Traders & Shippers and the Retail Suppliers and/or larger End Users.

Retail Suppliers
Companies that provide marketing and billing services and form a link between the Suppliers and domestic and/or small commercial End Users.

End Users
Companies that are involved in power generation and/or industrial or commercial activities and are consumers of large quantities of natural gas.

LNG Terminal And Storage Operator And Service Provider (LTSOSP)
All other companies that are involved in the gas industry and provide services for those companies in the other Gas Industry Segments, including for example, terminal operators, storage providers, brokers, gas shipping agents, consultants, etc.
Consultant Members

Consultant members are companies active in the gas business, but without having an EIC code, who provide services (e.g. IT and other) to companies in other gas industry segments. Consultant members do not have any voting rights. They can take part in Working Groups and attend the GMoM or any other event organised by EASEE-gas. A reference by at least one existing EASEE-gas full member must be provided together with the application form.

Associate Members
Associate Members are non-fee paying and non-voting members of EASEE-gas, which can play an advisory role. These may include, but are not limited to, government agencies, regulators, not-for-profit research organizations, consumer groups and individuals.