EASEE-gas Working Groups

A structured platform whereby industry participants can discuss the harmonisation and simplification of business processes

The four Working Groups of EASEE-gas were created to take the lead on each aspect related to the development of CBPs: defining business processes, developing messages, developing technology standards. A fourth Working Group was created to follow gas quality-related topics.

1. Business Process Working Group
Establishing common/universal processes for a.o. nomination/renomination timings, matching, gas allocation, operating balancing agreements, shipper identification and shipper codes.
Chair of the Business Process WG: Charlotte Besnier, GRTgaz

2. Message and Workflow Design Working Group
To analyse business requirements (e.g. subsequent to Business Process WG accepted proposals) and to transcribe those into message content/application definitions, including modifications and/or enhancements of the existing Edigas messages/protocol.
Chair of the Message and Workflow Design WG: Jarle Rønnevik, Statoil  

3. Technology Standard Working Group
Developing a single communication network for the exchange of business messages between the various market players.
Chair of the Technology Standard WG: Dirk Serruys, Fluxys 

4. Gas Quality Harmonisation Working Group 
Monitoring all gas quality related topics, including for instance the draft Gas Quality Standard. 
Currently without Chair.