EASEE-gas Working Groups

A structured platform whereby industry participants can discuss the harmonisation and simplification of business processes

EASEE-gas created three working groups to take the lead on each aspect related to the development of solutions that support business processes among gas market players in Europe. These groups work on: defining business processes, developing messages and technology standards and monitoring topics related to gas quality.

From left: Dirk Serruys, Oliver Schirok & Peter van Wesenbeeck 

1. Message and Workflow Design Working Group
This group analyses business requirements and transcribes them into message content/application definitions, including modifications and enhancements of the existing Edig@s messages.
Chair of the group:  Oliver Schirok, VNG Handel & Vertrieb GmbH

2. Technology Standards Working Group
This group develops and supports communication standards for the exchange of gas business information between the various market players.
Chair of the group: Dirk Serruys, Fluxys 

3. Gas Quality Harmonisation Working Group 
This goup monitors all gas quality related topics, including for instance the draft Gas Quality Standard. 
Chair of the group: Peter van Wesenbeeck, GTS (Gasunie Transport Services)

Participation in the Working Groups is only open to EASEE-gas member companies. If ‎you are a member and want to get involved in one or several Working Groups, please ‎contact the EASEE-gas office or the chair of the Working Group.‎

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