The trusted platform for AS4/AS2 profiles

EASEE-connect is the solution for the management and secure exchange of digital parameters and identifiers prerequisite for engaging in an AS4/AS2 communication with business partners in the European gas market.

EASEE-connect is a digital platform developed by EASEE-gas whereby gas market participants can create and manage their AS4 and AS2 company profiles and portfolio of business connections in a simple and secure way.

One single source of profile information 

The platform provides a single repository of technical information, contact details and AS4/AS2 settings that gas market participants need to exchange with each other in order to establish a secure communication channel. By accessing only one platform, gas companies can both manage their data and pull the data of their partners.

Increased operational efficiency, completeness and security 

EASEE-connect replaces the mail preparation and handling associated with traditional  business communication and the poorly updated and incomplete spreadsheets currently used in the sector to manage this type of data. Furthermore, EASEE-connect meets demanding security requirements.

By using EASEE-connect, gas companies have access to an automated profile management system that helps them:

  • increase efficiency and quality of information
  • save time and money
  • avoid mistakes and security risks

Supporting European standardisation and collaboration

AS4, the open standard for the secure exchange of business-to-business (B2B) documents using web services, has been widely adopted by the European gas industry. The standard is already used by ENTSOG, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas. ENTSOG operates the Transparency Platform where national gas transmission system operators (TSOs) provide technical and commercial data on the gas transmission systems and their interconnections.

By ensuring a trustworthy exchange of parameters needed for the implementation of this standard, EASEE-connect supports the adoption of AS4 as the B2B protocol in the gas market with the aim being to further the objective of a more transparent, harmonised and reliable internal gas market.


Before you get started

Here are some things to know before you start this process:‎

  • EASEE-connect is a web-based application. It does not ‎require you to install or download software. 
  • You will need to provide an email which is preferably the group ‎email account of the company or of the operational ‎department. All EASEE-connect notifications will be sent to ‎this email address. ‎
  • You will need to provide a company name which can be the ‎name of the company or of the department which delivers ‎AS4/AS2 service to several parties‎.
  • A company can manage ‎multiple parties; in a one-to-one relationship: company=party.‎
  • A parent company is the company “owning” the Parties. In this case, ‎Party name can differ from Company name or it can be the same. 
  • A representing company is the company acting as a broker by delivering ‎services to other parties on a commercial basis. In this case, Party ‎name always differs from Company name .
  • A party is an entity which has one EIC code and a registered ‎name. Both are unique in EASEE-‎connect.‎ A party needs to ‎be managed by a company. ‎

Sign up for an EASEE-connect account

When you sign-up for an EASEE-connect account, you agree to comply with the EASEE-gas and EASEE-connect privacy policies.

To create your account, you need to fill out this form. Your request will be checked by the EASEE-gas administrator who will then provide you access to the platform. 

What is EASEE-connect?

EASEE-connect is a centralised digital platform provided by EASEE-gas to manage, maintain and exchange company profiles for AS2 and AS4 communication.

How do I create an account?

To create an account, you need to fill in this form. Your request will then be processed by the EASEE-connect administrator who will inform you of next steps.

How do I connect with the other members of the platform?

You have a search function which allows you to easily identify partners and invite them to connect via EASEE-connect. You also have the possibility to download a list of contacts.

What if my business partner is not on the platform?

You can invite your partner to create a free account and then start communicating via EASEE-connect.

How can I create a new Party?

Parties and Companies are created by the EASEE-connect administrator. You can submit your request ‎via email. The request will be processed considering your subscription type.

What is the difference between a Party and a Profile?

A Party can have several Profiles. For example, a company can have a profile for more than one ‎entity, which uses different energy identification codes or EICs.‎

Is the access to the platform secure?

The access is by default secured with a login and password, but you also have the possibility to set ‎up a Two-factor authentication (2FA).‎

Should I upload my private keys on the platform?

No. You must upload only Public keys that can be seen and used by other members.‎

Should I upload both Signature and Encryption certificates?

You can upload both Encryption and Signature certificates if they are different, so that your relations ‎have all the information needed to establish the connection‎.

How is my data used?

Please consult the EASEE-connect Privacy Policy to learn how we use and store your data.

In case of an issue, whom can I contact?

Please contact us at notifications@easeeconnect.eu in case you experience any issues.

How much does it cost to use the platform?

We charge an annual subscription which depends on your company’s relation to EASEE-gas and on your needs. Please consult this page for more details on the different types of subscriptions available. The payment is done via bank transfer. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

The subscription is made for a period of one year. If not renewed, your account and data will be automatically deleted. If you want to cancel your subscription earlier, please contact the administrator.

 What should I do if a team member with access to EASEE-connect leaves?

EASEE-gas strongly recommends using a group email account, preferably of the operational team, when setting up an EASEE-gas account to avoid any loss of communication. This group email account will then be used to access EASEE-connect and therefore is bound to the authenticator app for multi factor authentication.

When a team member with access to this group e-mail address leaves the team or the company, a procedure should be in place in order to remove his or her membership from the operational group email and of the EASEE-connect account from his or her authenticator app.

If a team member who used an individual e-mail address to access EASEE-connect leaves, the EASEE-connect administrator should also be informed so that his or her account can be removed from the platform.