The trusted platform for AS4/AS2 profiles

EASEE-connect is the solution for the management and secure exchange of digital parameters and identifiers prerequisite for engaging in an AS4/AS2 communication with business partners in the European gas market.

EASEE-connect is a digital platform developed by EASEE-gas whereby gas market participants can create and manage their AS4 and AS2 company profiles and portfolio of business connections in a simple and secure way.

One single source of profile information 

The platform provides a single repository of technical information, contact details and AS4/AS2 settings that gas market participants need to exchange with each other in order to establish a secure communication channel. By accessing only one platform, gas companies can both manage their data and pull the data of their partners.

Increased operational efficiency, completeness and security 

EASEE-connect replaces the mail preparation and handling associated with traditional  business communication and the poorly updated and incomplete spreadsheets currently used in the sector to manage this type of data. Furthermore, EASEE-connect meets demanding security requirements.

By using EASEE-connect, gas companies have access to an automated profile management system that helps them:

  • increase efficiency and quality of information
  • save time and money
  • avoid mistakes and security risks

Supporting European standardisation and collaboration

AS4, the open standard for the secure exchange of business-to-business (B2B) documents using web services, has been widely adopted by the European gas industry. The standard is already used by ENTSOG, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas. ENTSOG operates the Transparency Platform where national gas transmission system operators (TSOs) provide technical and commercial data on the gas transmission systems and their interconnections.

By ensuring a trustworthy exchange of parameters needed for the implementation of this standard, EASEE-connect supports the adoption of AS4 as the B2B protocol in the gas market with the aim being to further the objective of a more transparent, harmonised and reliable internal gas market.