‎20th anniversary of EASEE-gas

EASEE-gas is proud to be celebrating its 20th anniversary. For two decades, members of EASEE-gas have collaborated and worked together towards achieving a number of solutions to support business processes across the different actors in the gas value chain. All the efforts have led to a more streamlined, efficient and secure gas market in Europe.

A small group of companies founded Edigas in 1983 and following its growth and success decided to set up the EASEE-gas association in March 2002 in Paris, France.

Today, EASEE-gas members across Europe represent the complete value chain from producers to end users. The strong collaborative drive from the members is at the core of why EASEE-gas has continued to grow and work towards the vision to simplify the gas market. This has led to the sharing of industry knowledge and best practices.

We will continue our efforts to be a representative trade association for our members and future members. Together we work towards greater harmonisation, more security and less cost.

We have condensed the 20 years of EASEE-gas’work and history into a short video. This anniversary truly reminds us of the power of collaboration and dedication from all members.

Watch the anniversary video here.

We are pleased that we can meet this week in person to celebrate the 20th anniversary of EASEE-gas.

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