An updated collaboration agreement between ENTSOG and EASEE-gas ‎creates value for Edig@s® XML ‎

In October 2023, ENTSOG and EASEE-gas signed a collaboration agreement. The collaboration agreement will ensure the ‎continued maintenance and development of Edig@s® XML for the next five years and beyond. Edig@s® is a comprehensive electronic data interchange (EDI) format for the commercial information exchange by electronic means between partners involved in the European gas industry.

“The initial ‎agreement from 2013 was designed to develop the Edig@s® messages. However, this new update focuses on ‎the maintenance of the message set and a deeper collaboration between ENTSOG and EASEE-gas in ‎areas of mutual benefit for our members such as promotion and support activities for Edig@s® XML”, stated Oliver Schirok, Chair of the EASEE-gas Message and Workflow Design Working Group.

Maintenance of a common network operation tool such as Edig@s® XML is vital. Especially when this ‎document-based messaging solution is prescribed by the Interoperability Network Code and highly ‎adopted amongst gas Transport System Operators (TSOs) and the gas sector in general. Over 50 million Edig@s® messages are ‎exchanged annually by gas TSOs alone and highlights the importance of Edig@s® XML for the smooth ‎flow of data exchange in the gas community.‎

“The updated collaboration agreement creates value to Edig@s® XML by giving the gas community the ‎knowledge that their investment in the messaging guides is secure and they are able to comply with the ‎EU INT Network Code and Regulation”, ‎ Michael Sostmann Chair of EASEE-gas.

“The renewal of this agreement demonstrates ENTSOG and EASEE-gas’s ongoing commitment to provide the gas TSOs and the broader gas community a high quality Edig@s® XML messaging common network operation tool that will continue to facilitate interoperable data exchange over the coming years.”, Hendrik Pollex, Director of System Operation, ENTSOG.

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