EASEE-connect: The trusted profile information for AS4 and AS2 ‎information across the gas sector launches ‎

EASEE-connect is the solution for the management and secure exchange of digital parameters and identifiers prerequisite for engaging in an AS4/AS2 communication with business partners in the European gas market. EASEE-connect has been developed and launched to make the gas market more efficient for members and non-members of EASEE-gas. AS4 is a popular standard in the gas market and to implement it correctly a series of parameters must be set up and exchanged by different partners. Gas companies usually collect and maintain this data on their own. The whole process is often manual which can lead to a series of errors whilst being extremely time consuming. By using EASEE-connect, companies can expect to increase efficiency and quality of information, save time, money and avoid mistakes and security risks.

“EASEE-connect supports the adoption of AS4 as the B2B protocol in the gas market with the aim of a more transparent, harmonised and reliable internal gas market. I am very pleased with the launch and look forward to seeing gas companies join EASEE-connect in 2023”.

Stated Dirk Serruys, Fluxys and Chair of the EASEE-gas Technology Standards Working Group.

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Isabella Beck Jørgensen, Communications Manager
Email: easee-gas@kellencompany.com