EASEE-gas approves new CBP on the harmonisation of the nomination and matching process for double-sided and single-sided nominations

Developed by EASEE-gas Business Process Working Group, this CBP concerns gas business transactions across connection points. It provides recommendations for the part of the process which relates specifically to (re-)nominations involving shippers on one hand, and system operators on the other hand. This CBP mirrors the minimum requirements in line with the European Network Codes, in the areas referred to in Article 8(6) of the Regulation (EC) 715/20091.

In addition to CBP 2003-002/03 Harmonisation of the Nomination and Matching Process, originally released in 2003, the CBP released today includes not only double-side nominations but also single-sided nominations needed for bundled capacity products, according to the Network Codes.

Download here the CBP 2014-001/01.

All EASEE-gas CBPs are available for download on EASEE-gas website - click here