EASEE-gas consulted stakeholders on the role model for the gas sector in Brussels on 12 May

EASEE-gas organised on Thursday 12 May a one-day stakeholders’ consultation workshop on a role model for the gas sector. The gas role model is a unique document listing all the actors in the gas industry as well as all possible roles and business processes. This is a pioneer document and proves once again the strength and value of having all market segments represented in EASEE-gas. No other association could have accomplished this publication!
The event provided participants with a thorough explanation of the project, detailing the approach and the development process. The speakers presented an overview of the existing roles and examples were given for instance of the several duties of TSO (transmission system operators), the duties of traders and suppliers as well as the duties of DSO (distribution system operators).
The presentation on the role model was followed by a presentation by ENTSOG on the Transparency Platform and on the role of market information aggregator. The audience welcomed the document considering it a useful tool for the industry. The designation of roles and parties was discussed at length and may lead to some adjustment in the final document.
Peter Meeuwis, chair of the EASEE-gas Executive Committee and Board member stated "I would like to thank all participants for their valuable input during this first consultation step and encourage all market players to provide their feedback to the EASEE-gas Task Force dedicated to the development of the gas role model."
EASEE-gas will present a consolidated version of the document at the Madrid Forum in October this year. Comments are still welcomed and encouraged until 30 June 2016 and should be sent via a dedicated form to easee-gas@kelleneurope.com.

The presentations of the event as well as the Role Model document and the comments form are available for download here:
Event presentation
ENTSOG presentation
Draft gas role model
Form to provide comments on the role model (deadline 30 June)