EASEE-gas hosts workshop about EDIG@S version 5.1 in Brussels

EASEE-gas organised on Wednesday 22 October, a one-day workshop about EDIG@S, the electronic message standard developed by the association. Over 80 people representing 45 companies active in the energy business gathered in Brussels to hear more about the latest version of the EDIG@S messages which was released earlier this year. The event targeted at a non-IT audience, working as intermediary between operation and IT. 

EDIG@S is an electronic data interchange (EDI) standard for the purchase, sale, transport and storage of gas developed by the Message and Workflow Design Working Group of EASEE-gas. EDIG@S has become the de facto standard used in the exchange of commercial information between traders & shippers, TSOs, DSOs and producers involved in the European gas supply chain. It is also included in the Network Code for Interoperability and Data Exchange Rules as the data format solution for common data exchanges. The event provided participants with a detailed overview of the EDIG@S messages and how they  are developed, for instance, on the basis of the Business Requirement Specification (BRS) of ENTSOG. The different sessions outlined various topics such as: Common Network Operation Tools (CNOT) for data exchange; Message Implementation Guideline (MIG) of EASEE-gas, based on the BRS Nomination and Matching Process; the REMIT (Regulation on Energy Market Integrity and Transparency) process and timeline; and a case study presentation on the Single Sided (SSN) 
and Double Sided Nomination (DSN). 

Peter Meeuwis, Chair of EASEE-gas Executive Committee stated his satisfaction following the event: “we are very pleased to see such a high attendance to this event and hope the presentations provided the participants with a clear view about EDIG@S messages.” 

A detailed summary of the event as well as all presentations are available for download on EASEE-gas website. More information about EDIG@S is available on this website: www.edigas.org.  

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