EASEE-gas is the first European organisation offering branch wide security certificates for secure communication via public internet

EASEE-gas offers a new service to the European gas market. With this service every company acting in the European gas market can obtain a digital security certificate which:
  • Indisputably determines its identity and trustworthiness;
  • Is accepted throughout the whole European gas-market;
  • Has a completely outlined governance model.
This certificate is needed for electronic B2B (Business to Business) communication. Certificates are issued using the Managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services of Diginotar, an independent Internet Trust Service Provider.

What is the added value of obtaining an EASEE-gas Security Certificate?
EASEE-gas provides a single source for trusted digital certificates for electronic communication in the gas business. This ensures that all parties using an EASEE-gas certificate need not worry about dealing with certificates with different origins and levels of trust. It is evident that using one brand of certificate reduces costs in the operational environment.
Using the Internet makes it easier for parties to operate in the European gas market using standard technology and tools. However without precautions the Internet can be an unsecure environment.
Therefore EASEE-gas selected international standards to ensure a secure and reliable transport of electronic messages which are crucial for the European energy supply. The establishment of the EASEE-gas certificate aims to promote the use of secure communication (AS/2) ensuring a safe and trusted means of sharing information in the gas industry.

How to get an EASEE-gas Security Certificate?
All Full EASEE-gas Members are entitled to an EASEE-gas Security Certificate (click here for more info). Full Membership is open to a company, subsidiary or division with separate accounts. The cost of an EASEE-gas certificate is included in Member’s dues.

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