EASEE-gas launches CBP Gas Role Model Update

The Gas Role Model has been developed to represent actions between different market participants in the gas industry. The main focus lies on the information exchange between market participants. The aim of the document, however, is to provide a common terminology for the roles that are used among most European countries.

The main updates of role definitions and interactions include:‎

- ‎Added new process System Operation

- Added role generalization illustration and text

- Additional role definition updates after further alignment with the Electricity sector

“This CBP update is the result of enhancements in the Edig@s message format – the process System Operation was added. It includes messages for Storage System and LNG System Operators. A workshop will be held later this year top explain the process, the messages and the roles acting. Further we have integrated the latest status of the harmonisation talks with the Electricity sector – based on the interim harmonization report of both sectors”, stated Chair of the group Oliver Schirok, VNG Handel & Vertrieb GmbH.

Background of the Message and Workflow Design Working Group
The MWDWG analyses business requirements and transcribes them into message content or application definitions, including modifications and enhancements of the existing Edig@s messages.

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