EASEE-gas launches Common Business Practice on Hydrogen Units

Natural gas is traditionally used as an energy source and all market facilitating transactions, i.e. contracting, nominating, allocating and balancing are based on energy flow. In the determination of the energy content the contribution of all combustible components is considered based on their gross calorific value.

Traditionally, hydrogen can be used as a feedstock, an energy source and as a possibility to store “green electricity”. As a result, the question was raised if the method used for natural gas is also for hydrogen market facilitating transactions the optimum solution.

An investigation carried out by EASEE-gas Gas Quality Harmonisation Working Group, shows that usage of energy flow is still the best option but instead of using the energy content of all combustible components, it is advised to only take the energy content of the hydrogen molecules present into account.

More information can be found in the recently published CBP on this topic.

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