EASEE-gas publishes Gas Role Model CBP

(BRUSSELS, 16 January 2019) EASEE-gas, the European Association for the Streamlining of Energy Exchange - gas, released today a CBP (Common Business Practice) on the Harmonised Gas Role Model.


CBP 2018-001/01 Harmonised Gas Role Model - Business Process perspective


The Gas Role Model Task Force of EASEE-gas, which includes members of the EASEE-gas Business Process Working Group, the Edig@s Working Group and members of ENTSOG and Eurogas has finalised the Harmonised Gas Role Model CBP from a business process perspective.


The CBP is based on the Harmonised Gas Role Model Specification document that EASEE-gas has been developing since 2015. The first version was released in 2016 and was updated in December 2017, see related press release here


The Harmonised Gas Role Model Specification document was integrated in the CBP in 2 parts:

  • the definitions and the business processes became the CBP
  • the rest of the document was integrated in the explanatory notes

Further to the posting of the document on the FUNC platform, both ACER and ENTSOG provided feedback for potential changes and clarification on some topics. Both welcomed the initiative and encourage EASEE-gas to continue updating the Harmonised Gas Role Model Specification document. The Gas Role Model Task Force will continue updating it and will also provide a CBP update in the future if needed.


"The CBP represents actions related to information exchange between different market participants in the gas industry and provides clear definitions on the roles and business processes used in the European gas market. It is a precious tool to support the harmonisation of definitions and roles used in Europe.", said Peter Meeuwis, Chairman or the EASEE-gas Executive Committee and Board member.


The CBP and its explanatory notes is available in the CBP section of the website.