EASEE-gas publishes quality specification for hydrogen carried through gas or ‎dedicated networks

EASEE-gas publishes today its quality specification recommendation for industrial grade hydrogen running through repurposed natural gas pipelines or new dedicated systems. The Common Business Practice 2022-001/01 (CBP), which will be revisited in 3-years’ time or earlier if appropriate, recommends a hydrogen concentration equal or higher than 98 mol-%‎.

The CBP was developed based on a common dominator which considers the end user requirements, the market shares, the quality of hydrogen obtained via different production techniques and the contribution of the repurposed natural gas infrastructure. This CBP is the result of a two-year work of EASEE-gas’ Gas Quality Harmonisation Working Group comprised of representatives from across the whole gas value chain.

The CBP is valid for both entry and exit points of the hydrogen dedicated pipeline systems. A number of trace components normally encountered in natural gas are likely to be present in the hydrogen in the period right after the switch over from natural gas to hydrogen. The CBP lists the critical components expected in this transition period and indicates their maximum limit values.

Repurposing the gas infrastructure for the transportation of hydrogen is a cost-effective solution and many European gas players are already looking into it. Having a common base for the hydrogen quality requirements is essential for the safe hydrogen transport, use and seamless international trading.

Peter van Wesenbeeck, chair of the Working Group, said: “While we are set for significant advances in hydrogen technologies in the future, the large-scale production via electrolysis and the demand for high-purity hydrogen are not expected before 2030. That is why our focus in this CBP is on hydrogen for industrial grade applications. However, we plan to reevaluate the specification after 3 years or even earlier and adapt it according to the market developments and the effects of the residues in the pipeline on the hydrogen quality registered during the transition period.”

Download CBP 2022-001/01 Hydrogen Quality Specification

About the EASEE-gas CBPs

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