EASEE-gas publishes the revision of CBP 2007-001/02 on Message Transmission Protocol

(BRUSSELS, 12 December 2016) EASEE-gas, the European Association for the Streamlining of Energy Exchange – gas, published today the revised CBP 2007-001-02 on Message Transmission Protocol.
Developed by EASEE-gas Technical Standard Working Group, the CBP 2007-001-01 on Message Transmission Protocol specifies the use of AS2 for the transmission of Edig@s messages.
The revised CBP refers to regulation (EU) 2015/703, which establishes a network code on interoperability and data exchange rules. The network code defines AS4 as the data exchange protocol for document-based data exchanges. It allows AS2 to be further used but as an exception and subject to local NRA (National Regulatory Authorities)’s approval.
The EASEE-gas Technical Standard Working Group will, however, continue support AS2 as long as there is reasonable application of the protocol within the EASEE-gas organisation.
“We urge our members to continue using the EASEE-gas certificates in AS2 and AS4 because of the established procedures when handling certificates within the EASEE-gas community”, says Dirk Serruys, Chair of the EASEE-gas Technical Standard Working Group.
The document as well as all EASEE-gas CPBs are available for download on EASEE-gas website.