EASEE-gas updates the CBP 2007-006/02 on the Harmonisation of the Allocation Information Exchange

(BRUSSELS, 04 July 2019) The European Association for the Streamlining of Energy Exchange – updates the common business practice (CBP) on the Harmonisation of the Allocation Information Exchange, initially published in 2007.

The Business Process Working Group of EASEE-gas revised the old CBP which described a first set of recommendations for the part of the business which related specifically to cross border transport allocations and involved transmission systems operators (TSOs) and shippers. The new version relates specifically to exchange quantities at connection points between involved parties.

It also provides a reference list and uses the definitions and terms as set in the Harmonised Gas Role Model document, in the ENTSOG glossary and in the EASEE-gas glossary of terms. The CBP is also aligned with the latest version of the Network Codes on balancing (NC BAL(EU) 312/2014) and interoperability (NC INT (EU) 2015/703), in terms of content and definition. Most importantly, this CBP is the first document that gives some recommendations to all gas market players about gas quantities at any connection points. EASEE-gas CBPs are drafted taking into account the entire gas value chain which is actively represented in the association. As a result, this CBP goes beyond the Network Codes as it aims at all parties on the gas market.

The CBP and its explanatory notes are available in the CBP section of the website.