Madrid Forum 2023

This year EASEE-gas was one again invited to participate in the yearly European Gas Regulatory Forum, better known as the Madrid Forum.

The forum gathers key stakeholders across the European energy sector and together we discussed opportunities and challenges related to the further development and decarbonisation of the internal EU gas market.

Our Board Member and Chair of our Advisory Panel, Luis Ignacio Parada, was present and participated in the discussions on behalf of EASEE-gas and our members. During the Forum, Luis Ignacio Parada ‎highlighted the contribution made by EASEE-gas to the development of the hydrogen market through the Common Business Practice of Hydrogen Quality Specification for dedicated hydrogen pipelines.

  • Download the hydrogen quality specification here.

The main conclusions from the Madrid Forum are available and focus on:

  • The implementation and future challenges of gas network codes
  • Scaling up the EU hydrogen market: the development of technical standards for hydrogen
  • The decarbonation of the natural gas system
  • Gas quality in the energy transition, in the context of the incorporation of renewable and low-carbon gases
  • New developmnets in the LNG markets and the future usage of LNG terminals

‎“Connecting with stakeholders is key and collaboration must be a top priority for everyone if we want to ‎develop responsible solutions for the future.”- Stated Luis Ignacio Parada.

Ahead of the Madrid Forum, EASEE-gas also hosted the yearly Advisory Panel meeting to coordinate and exchange information with other stakeholders from the energy sector. ‎The meeting took place at Enagás Headquarter and after a great meeting we visited the Enagás dispatching centre to learn more about the security of supply. 

If you have any questions please contact

Isabella Beck Jørgensen, Communications Manager