New status report on the alignment of the Harmonised Gas Role ‎Model and the Harmonised Electricity Market Role Model

Since April 2021 representatives of both the European gas sector and the European electricity sector involved in the development and maintenance of the respective role models HEMRM and HGRM have come together in an effort to align both role models. The European Commission called for a regulatory framework that is designed to create awareness of sector couplings and highlight the similarities between the sectors for an easier implementation. Both sectors recognised the call for a common understanding of actors in the market.

The status report on the alignment prepared by EASEE-gas and the harmonisation group for the electricity market role model (ebIX®, EFET and ENTSO-E), with technical input from ENTSOG is now available to read.

“Together with the co-authors we have prepared this first draft mapping between the roles defined in the HGRM and HEMRM model. In this report we have made it visible to show the similarities between the mapped roles. I would like to thank everyone involved in this achievement and I look forward to future developments in collaboration with the electricity sector”. Stated Oliver Schirok, VNG Handel & Vertrieb GmbH and Chair of the EASEE-gas Message and Workflow Design Working Group.

Background of the Message and Workflow Design Working Group
The MWDWG analyses business requirements and transcribes them into message content or application definitions, including modifications and enhancements of the existing Edig@s messages.

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